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Vendor Registration

Online Vendor Registration is now available for Keiser Super Con.


Attendees of Keiser Super Con will engage in and celebrate the culture associated with video games, comic books, science fiction, literature, board games, various fandoms, and all things pop-culture.  Proceeds from the event will go to benefit Limbitless Solutions, Inc.  Check out our Facebook Page at for further announcements about the event.

Check out some of our awesome programming:

Anime & Religion Panel DiscussionWriter’s Block:  Slam Poetry Performance, Reading by Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author Elizabeth Schechter, Writer Discussion and Q & AIndie Comic World: Creating and Publishing Your Ideas:  Comic Book Writers: Jenni Gregory, Barry Gregory, Joe Fauvel, Joel Rodriguez, David A. ByrneHistory of Science FictionCosplay-How To Do It and How To Enjoy ItGotham Rogues’ Roast and Batman Villains’ Q & AHistory of the Dark KnightHow to be a Dungeon MasterD&D Basics:  How To Get Started and Join a GameDrone Demonstration courtesy of …
Become a Keiser Super Con Sponsor!
Proceeds from the convention will go to Limbitless Solutions Inc., a non-profit organization that specializes in 3-D printing unique bionic arms for children and providing the therapy they need to learn how to use them. /
We want to create a successful event for the community and charity, but we need your help to do it.  Make the sponsorship work for you.  We can customize the sponsor options for you, just let us know what you would like to see.  The more sponsorship we have, the bigger our event can be.All sponsorship levels include optional Vendor/Exhibitor Space.Silver Sponsor:  Have your logo on our website, Facebook and Instagram as a sponsor.  We can list you as a sponsor on items given out to attendees (e.g. leaflet in Swag Bags) or you can provide your own ads/business cards/menus/etc. for us to give out.Gold Sponsor:  We will post your logo and/or media on-site at the event.Platinum Sponsor:  Have your name o…


Contact us about sponsorship and vendor opportunities.  Stay tuned for updates as we add more to the list.
Check out who is coming to Keiser Super Con so far:

SPECIAL GUESTS Aquaman, Rick Stafford:  Professional cosplayer, Occupational Therapy Assistant, owner of Elite Fitness Concepts, workout guru, former Shark Tank Master, former Fire Fighter, and all around good guy super hero.
Athena Finger: Batman historian, granddaughter of Batman co-creator, Bill Finger, Artist, collector, genuinely kind to people and puppies.
George Lowe:  The voice of Space Ghost, voiced several characters on Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show, and many others.  He is a former radio personality, award-winning funny guy, and big fan of potatoes.  
Pikabellechu:  Lovely Cosplayer, Artist, and Amazing Pikachu Lady.  She adopts and rehabilitates wayward Pokemon and teaches children how to be Pikachu Detectives.  She also does amazing crafts and holds the world record for the largest Pok…