Keiser Super Con Issue #2

Keiser Super Con Issue #2

Our next Issue of Keiser Super Con will be December 4 & 5, 2020.

What a year 2020 has been!  We have our 3rd set of dates now, and we're hoping the asteroid misses the planet and Godzilla remains in the deep so we can still pull off our con this year.

Many of our vendors are still committed to attending, and I am hoping we can add a few more.  I am not sure what the world of "normalcy" is going to look like by the time we get to December, but I am committed to this Con still living up to my expectations and being bigger and better than last year.  I know our wonderful guests and vendors will be the reason why that happens.

So come and check us out.  We are still donating all proceeds to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  We also still have some great raffle items and beyond amazing panels planned.


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