2020 Guests and Vendors

March 20-21, 2020
  Stephen O'Pry-writer of Zombiearth: The zombie apocalypse has arrived.  Can a group of family and friends overcome the struggles in this new world?  Can they survive the monsters without turning into monsters themselves?  This is an excellent story with relate-able characters that will keep you invested in finding out how everything turns out in the end.

Full Steam Ahead Cosplay and Production-Cosplay duo that creates Steampunk props, jewelry, costumes, and extras.  They love to teach Steampunk and about the creativity that goes into it.  Come join them at Keiser Super Con and find out what teacup races are all about!

MZ Cosplay and Workshop-Cosplayer and prop-maker with 20 years experience.  He was the guy behind the Toothless Cosplay at the first Keiser Super Con, and we can't wait to see what he brings to Issue #2.  

Gotham Underground-Central Florida based cosplay family of mostly Gotham Villains, though they may have some characters from other fandoms as well.  This group will show you how much fun cosplay can be.  

Heroes Asylum-weekly podcast where Mike and Thanatos Kane discuss everything in entertainment, moves, TV, comics, and more!  If you have a fandom in comics, TV, movies, or anything nerdy, these guys bring it to the asylum discussion.

Elizabeth A. Schechter-Science Fiction, Romance, Steampunk, writer of the Heir to the Firstborn, Tales from the Arena, Rebel Mage, and Blood in the Rain series and many other novels.  She has been called one of the top erotica and alternative sexuality writers in the world.

Pikabellechu-Professional cosplayer and Pokemon collector.  She has been cosplaying for over 15 years with Pokemon, Disney, Sci-Fi, and Anime characters.  She is also in the Guess Book of World Records for for the world's largest Pokemon Collection.  She is also known for her Pikabug, her VW Beetle that cosplays as a Pikachu.  She is a creative artist, with a great many Pokemon, Disney, and other fandom related artifacts available for purchase.  Check out her booth and amazing creations at Keiser Super Con Issue #2.

Joe Fauvel-creator of Cry comics, a Supernatural thriller with a strong female lead character that investigates a criminal underworld over run by vampires.  

Maureen Catherine Orkwis-murder mystery fantasy writer of Murder Con and Mass Murder.  Murder con takes place at an Orlando Comic Convention through the eyes of two cosplayers who meet an arrogant detective who knows nothing about the geek world.  

The Goldar Bazaar- Handmade jewelry, art, accessories, and geeky tea.

Bientro Leather-Handmade leather goods and products including cosplay and steampunk items.

Bender Boutique-Handmade jewelry, quilts, and cosplay accessories.

Natasha Galya Art-prints and stickers inspired by D&D, Anime, Comics, and Pop-Culture


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